Sean Kane | Bio
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Sean Kane Biography

“My grandfather called us the gypsies…”
Sean Kane was born in Maryland, from there he moved to San Antonio TX then Southern California, where he and his family lost their home in the ’71 earthquake. After the family recovered they were off again… Chicago, New Orleans then back to Chicago.  Sean left home at the early age of 17 to pursue his dreams…  he began to start modeling and traveling the world. Europe, New York City, LA, Japan, Las Vegas and finally back to New York City.
When people ask Sean where he is from, he tells them “everywhere.”
Sean started his acting career as a Bartender opposite Gary Oldman in “Nobody’s Baby.”  As a huge fan of Gary Oldman, Sean relished the experience.  In addition, Sean was able to work with the writer/director David Seltzer who was also the creator of “The Omen.”
Sean started acting because: Acting creates an environment where one can experience many different lives. Moving so much made it possible for him to experience different places, different people, as well as different mindsets.  Sean searches to understand the character in any given situations. He puts himself in the given situation within the parameters of the script and learns a lot about himself through all these different scenarios.
Acting coach Michael Luggio taught Sean to “live on stage.”  To create. To bring life to a character you need to understand yourself.  The search of who you are and how it relates to others.  What part of you can you bring to the character?  What will you learn from the character, from the circumstances?  We are always growing.  To be present, to live, to learn, to grow, to share, to act.
Sean brings this to every role he creates!
Sean has appeared in The Circuit 2: The Final Punch, Kink, Inc, Stags, Metal Gear, and had a reoccurring role in Boardwalk Empire.  Currently Sean is working on a pilot, “The Life.”