Sean Kane | What is an Actor to me
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What is an Actor to me

What is an Actor to me

To be a “Script Interpreter”.
“Acting is Believing”.
To “Live on Stage”.
To come together with other artists, writers, directors, actors and take a journey together. The imagination is let loose.
To study the script (the creation of the writer), to understand the life of a character, to believe in the circumstances.
To come together with other actors and a director and live the life of the characters.
To “live on stage”.

One of my old acting couches used to say that “nobody likes to watch sausage be made”, but it sure tastes good.
I love the process, the work, the breakthroughs, and then when it comes time, to just throw it all away, and live in the moment. Just like life, we can make all the plans in the world, but we never know what’s gonna happen next.

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