Sean Kane | Actor, Director, Model
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“Acting is Believing...”
To be a “Script Interpreter...”To “Live on Stage...”To come together with other artists, writers, directors, actors & take a journey together. The imagination is let loose. To study the script, the proud creation of the writers, then to understand the life of a character, to believe in the circumstances.

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As a director, my goal is to bring all these different perspectives. To tell the story of the writer, to understand the feeling & work of the actor and to always be one step ahead while filming. I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with a variety of different type of directors. They all have different training & different backgrounds... Writers, Producers, Editors & even Actors. Putting every piece together like a great big puzzle.

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Modeling has always been part of the process. Lights, Camera, Flash! With Modeling, I just need to show up and to be open and present. The client, clothes, set, stylist and the photographers will take me on a journey. I listen, take it in and then make it my own... always being flexible and able to change direction at any time. I love being part of this process.